Pete Hornby - 7th Degree

Local man Pete Hornby started at the Stafford Lau Gar club as one of the first students to enrol. Pete took over as Stafford's chief instructor in 1983 and was appointed a Guardian of Lau Gar in 2000. Pete is one of the most experienced members of the British Kung Fu Association and the students of the Stafford club are very fortunate to have him as their chief instructor. 


Randall Salmon - 4th Degree

Randall is an instructor with many years experience. A 4th degree black, sash he is well versed in the traditional aspects of Lau Gar which is complemented by considerable experience in competition fighting.  For now it's all about teaching, "It's about passing it on..." Randall says.

Date achieved black sash: 1980


Alec Clark - 5th Degree

Alec Clark, dedicated Lau Gar man, is not only a 5th degree black sash but also one of the Guardians of Lau Gar.

Date achieved black sash: 1987


Brian Roberts - 4th Degree

Having finished university Brian wanted to do a fighting art for fitness; phsyical and mental. "It really does change you. Gives you confidence, a sense of responsibility and you meet some great people" says Brian.

Date achieved black sash: 2002


Alan Smewing - 4th Degree

Alan started Kung Fu after finishing University and finding that he had nothing to do in the evening.

"I'd spent several years exercising my brain (& my drinking arm) and I figured it was about time I exercised the rest of me. When I first started I was terrible, I kept tripping over my own feet. At times it got frustrating but I kept going because I was absolutely determined to get fit. Eventually, everything started to click into place. The thing that keeps me training on a daily basis is that I think Kung Fu is just about the coolest thing on the planet!"
Alan is also certified as a Level 4 Chen Tai Chi instructor with Grandmaster Liming Yue.

Date achieved black sash: 2006


Jane Gratton - 4th Degree

Jane is a 4th degree black sash qualified instructor, with over 13 years experience in Lau Gar kung fu.  

A former BKFA national champion and medalist, Jane has also trained with kung fu masters in Foshan, China.

In 2016, she qualified as a 4th Duan Wei Chen Style Tai Chi instructor with Grandmaster Liming Yue.

Date achieved black sash: October 2011


Chris Snow - 2nd Degree

I took my young son along to the beginners' class in Stafford and was persuaded to start training too in my mid 30's by chief instructor Pete Hornby. Nine years later I find myself an instructor at the club with several trophies from the National Championships for both my son and I in the cabinet. Lau Gar Kung Fu has given me back a love of sport and exercise which had been allowed to wane since my mid 20's, There is always something to aim for and new subtleties to try to master. It's also been great socially to spend time with people with different backgrounds but all within the Lau Gar family.

Chris is a 2017 BKFA Light Continuous champion.

Date achieved black sash: October 2014


Holly Cook - 4th Degree

Holly achieved her third degree black sash in June 2017 and began her Kung Fu journey in 2006 at the age of 10. Over the past 10+ years Holly has gained extensive experience in Lau Gar Kuen, Wushu, Chen Tai Chi, Yang Tai Chi, Qigong and Chinese Lion Dance.

Regularly training in Stone, Stafford and Birmingham at the Lau Gar HQ, Holly has twice trained under Master Xia and other Kung Fu masters at the Ancestral Temple In Foshan, southern China.

One of the founding members of Stone Lau Gar in 2012, Holly teaches beginner grades on a Monday night in Stone. She also frequently teaches beginner and intermediate grades of all ages at the annual summer course in Llandudno and has taught students in Edinburgh.

Holly is a multi-time national forms champion and represented the UK at the World Tai Chi Championships in Bulgaria in 2018.

Holly has coached a number of children to win medals at the BKFA National Championships. She has choreographed several demonstrations at the BKFA National Championships and has participated in many Kung Fu and Tai Chi demonstrations and shows across the UK, as well as on live national Chinese TV in Foshan.

Holly gives the following advice to her students:

“Always stay hungry. Perfection doesn’t exist in Kung Fu; no matter how long you’ve been training, you can always be faster, looser, more powerful, more efficient, more effective. Never be 100% satisfied, always ask yourself how you can improve. Take every opportunity to learn, put your heart and soul into your martial arts and enjoy every second of training (…even stance training). You get out what you put in!”

Date achieved black sash: October 2011